Premiere Hotel Concepts (PHC) is dedicated to connecting hotels and convention center guests to local business and culture through innovative, easy‑to‑use media technologies. We aim to be a leader in business and marketing solutions that increase brand loyalty and improve bottom line. We do this by offering electronic comforts for guests paired with unobtrusive advertising from local shops, restaurants, and cultural centers. PHC provides the user friendly technologies that hotel guests increasingly expect while instinctively directing them to local advertisers.

Hotels & convention centers benefit from a one of a kind local connection for their guests, and advertisers benefit from an audience that is naturally guided to seek them out.


“Ultimately we want to be a steward to the community, and so we figured we may as well start right here with our own community. Our business model is based not on what the market can bear, but on how we can give back to the community and its guests.” - Paul Dickson, PHC Director of Sales